🚀Koda vs. Koda | Boosts

Your Koda on Steroids. Fight 20 Kodas at once without getting tired. Boost your KodaFart score & get on Top of the Leaderboard! Powered by ApeCoin.

1 | Buy Boosts for Koda vs. Koda & power up your Koda

Boot Packages Price in APEPrice in ETH

1 Boost = 20 Fights, 5 Boosts = 5 x 20 Fights, 10 Boosts = 10 x 20 Fights, 50 Boosts = 50 x 20 Fights

2 | Sending APE or ETH to the Koda vs. Koda wallet

Open your crypto wallet (MetaMask, Coinbase etc.) & scan the QR code (via Mobile Device) or copy the APE / ETH address to make a payment (send money).

The correct address of the Koda vs. Koda | Boosts wallet is: 0x02aEA3031798AE52984cc30C518Ac8eaa07A1085 zebra-boosts.eth

3 | Payment process / Problems or difficulties

The from zebra is monitored via Webhook & as soon as your payment is received, it will be credited to your Koda, which will be boosted. This process takes a few minutes!

If you've any problems with this process, please feel free to contact us at any time. If it doesn't work, please contact @zebraAlphaMeta via Twitter DM with Koda ID, date/time, sender wallet address & amount of APE or ETH!

For example, via Twitter DM if you have a problem: Koda ID: #6845 May-04-2023 08:42:11 AM Sender wallet: 0xfAaF47Ce58e066a82F20Adc97a81ec711A6FD179 Amount: 1 APE

4 | Supported assets and unsupported crypto recovery

Transferring crypto on a network that we does not currently support will result in your funds being lost and there will be no way to recover them!

5 | Disclaimer

"Koda vs. Koda - Battle of the traits" and "Koda vs. Koda - Battle all" are games developed by zebra-alpha.xyz (metaZOO GmbH). The zebra platform is not affiliated with Yuga Labs or Otherside and acts as an unofficial source of public information.

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