🧑‍🤝‍🧑Team behind zebra

We collect tons of data, graphics, details, rumors and theories from all over the web and make them accessible to our members through a clean and intuitive user interface.

Nine amazing months of training our zebra lie behind us. The more we delved into Otherside, its data and the loyalty of the web3 community behind it, the more we realised that we were on the right track.

Not only has it given us the fuel to keep going, it has led us to think of our vision as much bigger than we could have imagined.

A huge thank you to all the new zebras out there. We value your love, feedback and support.

Otherside is constantly evolving. So is zebra.

And we are training the zebra

Our Team Portfolio

Explore our Otherdeeds. https://zebra-alpha.xyz/portfolio/zeBrAs/

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